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Michele's books teach women to face life head-on and discover the hidden treasures that are often unearthed by adversity. A transparent, heart-warming storyteller, her work inspires readers to live their best life.

She is a sexual assault survivor who has also encountered the trauma of infertility and a disrupted adoption during the height of her career as a communicator and life coach. These life-altering experiences taught her invaluable life-lessons, which she passionately shares with her readers.

Distributed by Simon & Schuster, Michele's work includes insights and personal interviews from Dr. Maya Angelou, Hollywood's Nicole Ari Parker and Kim Coles; and a host of esteemed thought-leaders.

Hairlooms is more than just a book. It is an open conversation, a movement about beauty, equality and the true essence of one's curly hair.  

A master storyteller, Michele skillfully writes an account of sexual assault survival that is unmatched. She has the unique ability to unearth painful events and helps readers find their own healing.

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